Choosing A Photographer

When you have an occasion you need photographed, you want the photos to look great and make you smile when you look back on them. You can’t afford to have them messed up, especially if it is a unique occasion that won’t be repeated. Here are ten questions you should ask your photographer before you hire them.

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  1. What Is Your Photo Style?

When choosing a photographer in Dubai, your first question should deal with wedding style. All photographers have different styles, just as workers in all trades do. You want to make sure that their style matches up with the kind of photos you have in mind. If they have a webpage, you can always look at their samples and “about us” sections to understand their vision better. You can also view samples of their work.

  1. How Many Occasions Have You Shot?

Perhaps they have been photographing for eight years, but they only do two occasions a year. Someone who has only been in the practice three years may be more experienced because they shoot every weekend.

  1. How Many Times Have You Shot A… ?

You fill in the blank. Perhaps they have a lot of experience shooting weddings, but they have never done a birthday party. That piece of experience is something to keep in mind when you are considering your options.

  1. How Many Events Are Scheduled That Weekend?

Larger studios have more resources and can book multiple events without a problem. However, if it is a small studio and they are triple booked, the photographer will have trouble being at all events, and therefore taking good photos.

  1. Will There Be a Contract?

Always ask for a contract, even though some studios do not provide one for wedding photography clients. A contract protects you, and you should ask for a written copy. If they are not willing to give you a contract, ask yourself and them why.

  1. Does My Package Include an Assistant?

Many times if your event is large – over fifty people – the photographer cannot photograph alone. They simply cannot be in all places at once. Consider asking for a slightly more expensive package if it means there will be an assistant taking additional pictures.

  1. Will You Colour-Correct My Images?

Without colour correction, the images can come out looking strange, giving your skin an orange or yellow tone. Every image should be colour-corrected. If they say they do not, find out why.

  1. What Kind of Equipment Do You Use?

Check into the equipment they use and what extras they have if something goes wrong with a device at the last moment.  You don’t want to be left without a photographer.

  1. What Happens If My Event Goes Longer Than Planned?

You need to know ahead of time if the photographer will stay late, and if so, if there will be an extra charge.

  1. When Will My Photos Be Ready?

All photographers vary in the times it takes them to prepare the photos. Asking about this beforehand can prevent any possible confusion.

Once you have asked these ten questions, you should be able to effectively choose a photographer to shoot your event.

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