What You Tell About Your Relationship?

What you tell your friends, your mother, your sisters (perhaps brother) about your love relationship? Tell you about your arguments? About your problems? It is always the question whether it is a good idea to pour your heart. Out And it is even more difficult to determine how much you can spend and what you can keep better care of yourself …

Shouting, an unstoppable crying, sniveling, you know you no advice … You and your boyfriend have a fight! A banging door and he’s gone. What now? Desperate call your girlfriend and among many sobs tell her the whole story. Make the evening you and your boyfriend well (with sweet kisses and great sex). If you see your friend the next day, she is furious with your boyfriend … Until she realizes that you have it resolved. Then they suddenly do not know how they should look.

It is a situation that we all know. “I’ve learned so much,” Maartje writes. “In the beginning of our relationship I told my mother. She then had never seen him, and she always bright party for me. Delicious! Until the relationship was cemented. I just noticed that the squabbles that I had told my mother were stuck with her and that she, once she met him, could not … relaxed against him From now on I’ll just keep my mouth shut. ”

“I called my best friend after a terrible fight with my boyfriend. I thought I would never see him again and grabbed my stuff, “says Marijke. “They offered me right to sleep over at her and I was of course very happy. We chatted all night and I told her about our problems. After a week it was again with my boyfriend but since then remains my girlfriend nagging me that he is not worth … ”

It remains a sensitive issue and we have no ready answer to the question whether you should pour your heart and with whom. But we do have a few ‘common-sense thoughts’ about. Your additions and comments are always welcome again.

In the beginning of a relationship can be good to others confide in

In the beginning of a relationship quarrels are common because you still have to know each other. And just because you do not know him well, you often do not find after a fight with him the support and understanding you at a later stage of a relationship – if it is good – it gets. In the beginning it is therefore logical that you pour out your heart to someone else. It helps you to put everything into perspective especially because you are still very much in love in the beginning (love is blind!) And you can not judge. The future of your relationship often (yet)
A close relationship? Watch out what you say!

Do you have a close and lasting relationship, then it is all the more sensitive. You have a lot of support to each other and help each other after a fight to put things into perspective and to accept. In this case, it is often better to “keep the dirty laundry inside ‘

Heart girlfriend or mother? Who paid your heart out?

If we had to choose, we would choose the best friend. Mothers tend to protect their own offspring and defend while you have just more to someone an objective look at your relationship. A good friend can be a comforting shoulder and give good advice. Better still if they do not know him (and it is unlikely that they will ever know him to a friend who is in love or striking charmed by your boyfriend telling you of course only the good things from your relationship (because her opinion will not as impartiality). Brothers and sisters would sometimes against your parents (they are also their parents!) from the school hits (there are exceptions!). Think before you give them all the ins and outs of your relationship tells …

Is not telling the safest?

Perhaps, but whether it is the wisest, we do not know. Everyone has needed an outlet. A natural need to be different talk. Someone about your own relationship A listening ear can provide a lot of relief and sometimes a conversation with an ‘impartial’ someone very enlightening (or maybe you were wrong and you gave him as wrongly blame!). So if you ask us, we would say close your not perfect but choose the person you confide, with care and do not give too much information, at least not when you’re gone permanently from your boyfriend … Because in that case, our advice: dump but from your heart! Laying on the bottom!

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