I Love You

I love you ‘… four words. Four simple words that everybody can pronounce. And yet they are the four most important words in love. Delicious words. Reassuring and affirming words. But also words that often cause problems. For what is the scope? Sometimes they sound awfully hollow. And sometimes they sound false. Sometimes they sound exaggerated. Everything depends on the right time, the right mood, the right atmosphere, the right mood …

“My boyfriend and I have been together for four months and he keeps telling me he loves me. Then he looks at me quizzically and he expects me to say the same words but I can not get over my lips … “writes Mandy. “What should I do?”

The first time the words ‘I love you’ in front of a new partner about your lips, for many people an important and emotional moment. A moment actually fail to plan is, we think. Because that would make the meaning shortage. The words “I love you” should come from your heart. And they come naturally when the time is right … or not. Right?
“My husband thinks it is sufficient to me ‘I love you’ to whisper and then everything is good,” Tineke mails. “But it works for me. Words are just words. He should get first demonstrate that he loves me! ”

And yes … The words “I love you” at times sound. How empty ‘I love you’, ‘I love you’, ‘Ich liebe dich’ … It became commonly heard cries that galore used. Give it a bit of content, can, as Tineke suggests, so no harm. A flower, a stroke, a comforting word, a sincere compliment or a loving gaze can sometimes say much, much more than these four words stereotype.

“I think you have the words” I love you “really can use if you are sure that you love someone,” writes Barbara. “I’ve just said in my life against two people and then I was sure I meant it.”

And the men? Mark jumps very different with the words than Barbara. “At the end of every call with my girlfriend I say ‘I love you’ to d’r. It has become our standard greeting. ” Gertjan and turns to the question: “What does every great woman after sex to you? Natural: I love you. ” Well, just as we still do not know!

But what do you think? How do you jump with the words ‘I love you’ to. Do they have a deep meaning or they have lost their luster? You use them quickly into a new relationship or wait until you’re sure you do with it? And what would you do if he says it to you, but you are not getting yourself the words on your lips? Mail us your comments using the box below. The best responses we publish below.

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